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Cannon Republic Foundation-SB, (Liquid and Dry) for agriculture, is the only Humic product on the market that is a natural Soil Inoculant, Soil Amendment and a Soil Conditioner, containing high concentrations of beneficial soil microbes. The humic substances in Foundation-SB are naturally occurring Humic, Fulvic, Ulmic acid of the highest quality and have not been altered or degraded by heat or chemicals used in processing.

Other Humate products are derived from coal or shale through a grinding process utilizing heat and/or chemicals. These processes take large amounts of hydrocarbon fuel thus lowering their environmentally “Green” status - plus these processes can alter the chemical makeup of the basic Humate.

Laboratory tests show CR Foundation SB Dry has a carbon to nitrogen ratio of 25.63 to 1 (25.63/1), a pH of 4.97, it is 94.89% carbon, and 5.11% mineral matter.


Laboratory tests also verify that CR Foundation-SB Dry contains over 67% Humic Acid, 1.76% nitrogen as well as small amounts of phosphorous and potassium. It has 72 trace elements such as boron, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, and sulfur all needed for plant life. These elements are organic & naturally occurring and, in a plant - available form.

Our Story

Our patented process of Cold-Water Extraction is simple and safe to the critical ingredients found in the raw material. The process does not require heat or chemicals of any kind, so the basic Histosol is not altered in any way, leaving all the live beneficial soil biology intact and ready to be used.

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