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Cannon Republic - feed for your soil, water, and animals. We provide abundant life with products that preserve the environment and enhance the health of the whole herd. The principles of land stewardship, conservation, and community run deep.



Our Company, Cannon Republic, is here to make a difference. We strive to educate and mitigate the negative effects human development and expansion have had on the health and wellness of our soils - as with healthy soils, comes a healthy herd, the global herd of all life on the planet.


We decided from the very beginning that there was faith and knowledge within the American Farmers and Ranchers at large, and that we needed to help expand this knowledge - that we are well aware degradation of the soil was worsening every year, having to increase inputs and synthetic fertilizers/herbicides/pesticides to combat all of these negative soil health conditions.

The culture of growing and nurturing animals and communities runs deep in our company. As multi-generational Texas families, we have been blessed to steward our land, livestock, and wildlife.


We are passionate about feeding ethics by providing the highest quality all-natural deer and wildlife feed. At Cannon Republic, building legacy herds through optimal nutrition is not just a mission statement it’s a virtue which we strive to live. 

Healthy herds protect your investment in the future and the quality of the meat you provide to your clientele. Our fresh made to order feed utilizes highly researched proprietary chelated minerals, probiotics, and enzymes to increase nutrient absorption and maximize total digestible energy. Deer and exotic ruminants optimally absorb between 16-18% protein, 16% fiber, and 4% fat. 


Grain bran millings are the seed husks or outer coating of cereal grains such as wheat, rye, and oats and do not contain the whole germ and endosperm kernel and are not deemed grain.  Our feed is grain-free, low starch, and has no synthetics.

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